Entrance and Car Park is FREE and open to ALL

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Entrance and Car Park is FREE and open to ALL

Penang Municipal Park is like a garden park where there are lots of plants apart from other exercise equipments. The air here is very fresh and cool because it is surrounded by trees and has hills on its background. It is a very nice place to go to during your free time. 

The first two photos on the right show the way into Penang Municipal Park from Jalan Utama. Persiaran Kuari will go straight into the park where you can find parking spaces for cars and bikes. 

Inside the park, the first and easiest place you can see is the old skating ring (I think you wouldn't think its a skating ring because the floor condition is so bad, in my point of view) with the children playground and adult exercise equipments a little further up on the right, just next to it. On the left of the old skating ring, you can see some obstacle course equipments. Both the third row photos were taken from top looking down towards the road instead of from the road up. 

If you follow the path on the right, after the adults' exercise equipments area, you can see a trial and another exercise area. I used to come here to build-up myself. A little further up, before the X-Game area, there is place for people to relax and play chess, a very big chess board carved on the floor (can be seen from the fourth row photos) and small chess board carved on the tables (cannot be seen in the photo). 

After the chess area, is the Penang Skate Park as seen in the photo. This is the area where people practice skate boarding, roller blading and X-Game bicycle riding. When I took these photos, it was around 11:00am and therefore, nobody was practising. I used to come here for roller blading too. That time it was just opened. The fifth row right photo was taken from top of the Penang Skate Park looking down to the children's pool area. 

After getting out of the skate park, following the path, there is a stretch of exercise equipments for people above 12 years old. Following the curve along the path, you will turn left to the children's pool area (as seen from the sixth row right photo. This photo was taken from the opposite direction of the path I am taking about). 

After passing these stretch of pools, we reach a bigger pool called "Kolam Rekreasi" (as seen from the seventh row right photo). Further down the path you will reach the obstacle crossing area as mentioned earlier. 


This is about it. Of course there are other things like a small pool for koi fish but almost all the fishes are gone. Either eaten by monkeys or stolen by people to sell. Quite big koi fish. There is a big field on the opposite side of the road. Opening time is hrs and closing time is hrs. To end this page on an interesting note, "Entrance is FREE, Car Park is FREE and open to ALL". On yes, kindly Keep Penang Clean. 

Opening time is 0700 hrs and closing time is 1900 hrs.


Source: http://www.freecheapsite.com/elysium/pyouthpk.htm




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