Have a picnic at the Penang Youth Park

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Have a picnic at the Penang Youth Park




Set in a well maintained grassy parkland filled with huge ancient trees covered in staghorns and jungle paths, the Penang Youth Park or Taman Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (Penang Municipal Park) is paradise for families. Children will love the huge shady playgrounds with enough equipment that even on a busy Saturday there are free swings, and the wading pools fed by spring water. When they're bored with slides (and its hard to imagine how; our children have contests when we visit the park to see if we can actually ride on each of the slides at least once) there's a wide variety of exercise equipment, gradual walking trails to explore , bridges to race across and trees that are just asking to be climbed. 


For older children there is a large soccer field, skating rink, giant chess set, archery shooting range and a BMX/skate park. Walking around the park you'll discover a wide variety of wildlife - huge monitor lizards, small hopping birds, millipedes, vibrant green snakes and two separate species of monkeys. During the afternoon the monkey's will often be found wandering the park in search of food that visitors have left behind. They've become very adept at opening the bins in search of food. The monkeys are generally timid and won't attack young children unless the children have food in their hands. Keep an eye on your packs and don't let your kids walk around eating.


Source: http://www.vagabondfamily.org/blog/travel-tips/penang-with-kids-10-best-things-for-families/




Municipal park wins rave review as one of the best in country

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Penang Municipal Park

GEORGE TOWN: The National Landscape Department has rated the Penang Municipal Park one of the best public parks in the country.

Its director-general Mohamad Taib Zain gives the park nine marks out of ten.

He said the public recreational park was clearly a step above other parks in facilities, maintenance, crowd number and social activities.

“I was impressed by the number of activities held there and the number of visitors drawn to the park.


“I was told the park is always crowded and full of activities, day in and day out,” he said before launching a workshop on the park’s management and manual at Hydro Hotel in Batu Ferringhi yesterday.

Earlier, he had visited the park together with other officials.

Besides the Penang Municipal Park, formerly known as Youth Park, the Penang Municipal Council also manages Relau Metropolitan Park and Taman Jajar.

Mohamad Taib also praised the council for updating the park facilities.

“They know what the people want and what things would attract the public. For example, they have a skating rink for youngsters. They keep up with the times,” he said.

Council president Patahiyah Ismail said they always listened to public feedback before constructing new facilities at the parks.